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Thread: Anyone used the TiLite Aero X chair?

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    Anyone used the TiLite Aero X chair?

    I finally got my settlement from getting hit by a car back in 2011, and I am looking for a new folding ultra lightweight wheelchair. I have been interested in something from either Quickie or TiLite. I did notice that the TiLite Aero X looks like a good wheelchair and its lighter than the Quickie 2HP wheelchair that I looked at. I need an ultra lightweight folding manual wheelchair, because my caregivers and my relatives can't fit a rigid frame wheelchair into their cars.
    Has anyone used the TiLite Aero X and have any comments about it?
    Also, has anyone used the Spinergy FlexRim wheels with any manual wheelchair and liked them? I am wanting to get a pair of these as well.

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    i just got mine from insurance company it sucks wish i could have gotten a invacare aero x not many adjustments uncomfortable

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    Have you tried getting a rigid frame chair in your / their cars? My friends and family take the wheels off my TR3 and put everything in the trunk of the car. This has been done in a bmw 3 series, honda civic, and backseat of a vw beetle.

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    I'm in a rigid TiLite and wonder if you've fully explored features of a rigid frame chair. Seems it should fit in trunks with quick release wheels off and back folded down. Also, will you be a driver at some point, or a van user? These may factor into your decision.
    It seems a folding chair will be heavier than a non-fold.

    If you decide on rigid frame chair, ask your family members and caregivers to get different vehicles! I don't know your situation, but I can't see the sense of getting a chair for others needs, not your own. If you're only going to use the chair for short periods of time...ok I get it.

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    I have a Tilite Aero X and it's been a great chair, no issues. It has the fold down back, tension adjustable back. It seems pretty solid and no creaks or flex. It's fairly inexpensive too in relation to other chairs, I got mine for 500 bucks as a demo.
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    I am pretty active & my chair is just two years old & it is GARBAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not recomend one at ALLLLLL. Bigggest peice of shit there is. WHeels are falling apart , after already replacing them once , back is falling apart & I have had to epoxy the bolts & also both brackets under the chair that hold it together have broken TWICE fixed once broke now. Only thing holding this peice of garbage together is the solid back. Hope yours is better if you do get one , good luck

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    I just got mine and I love it .kinda odd about not a lot of adjustments its the most adjustable chair on the market and in the tilite line up .if the chair isn't setup right its crappy but ones its setup wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweake628 View Post
    kinda odd about not a lot of adjustments its the most adjustable chair on the market...

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    I have a rigid and I've never found a vehicle it couldn't fit in. It's fit in tiny trunks, in the backseat, the hatch area of a tiny mini Cooper, and in the passenger front seat of a few different cars. I wonder if they just haven't been willing to try to load it. It's also easier to load a rigid since it weighs less, even if you leave the wheels on. Many people don't really understand how to load a rigid. I use Medicaid transport companies to get to my many Dr's appointments. The first thing out of a new drivers mouth is always "does it fold? Doesn't it collapse together?" and the amount of times I've had to repeat I don't need a wheelchair van, any vehicle is fine as long as the driver can pick up the chair for me... Despite the initial reaction there's only been one time when I had to wait for another vehicle to come get me. And this was after the Dr's appt, they'd driven me to it in a small bus with lift and asked me if I could "step up". I was confused and replied I can not do stairs, but I can get into a regular vehicle independently if that's what they mean, I don't need a lift. Yet they send another bus to pick me up, without a lift. The guy goes" I was told you could "step up" just fine." I look at the height to get in and shake my head. He opens the door and there's a fucking small flight of stairs inside! So nope, definitely not. Error on their part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    OK good point the icon is a cool chair but I think its hardly in the same class as the aero x lol

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