one thing to note, is that B12 a byproduct of a certain bacteria in the gut. what if sci'd people are killing their intrinsic factor with antibiotics to treat UTI, and other infections, and that affects the severity of some kinds of nerve pain?

Antacids prevent absorption of b12, as does some other meds such as simvastatin's, many kinds of antibiotics, and some diabetic and blood thinning medications. I was taking five different kinds of meds that might affect the absorption of b12. I have cervical degeneration and a cervical defect that was attributed to the autonomic issues, but Im no longer getting AD with the higher dose of the more potent B12. there are other symptoms to deficiency such as anemia, profuse sweating/freezing (intolerance to cold) and for me I have tachycardia and fainting, which is almost gone now except when I have withdrawal from my pain patch. My blood pressure is more stable. Iv wondered if there are a lot of people who have a B12 problem, that also have sci.