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Thread: Deep anal pressure?

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    Deep anal pressure?

    So, if someone has this then they're incomplete? Im asking because I remember reading an article from Wise Young stating that it's a very good sign but it doesn't mean that the person is incomplete. Yet my doc claims that ANY type of sensation makes you incomplete. It's so confusing and im being too paranoid. I hope the experts on this site can shed some light on this matter. P.s. I have that voluntary anal contraction but it's weak. Having that makes you Asia C right? My doc said that we'd have to wait till it gets stronger to classify me a C .

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    I have been paralyzed at level c 3/4 for 40yrs. When i stimulate my bowels with irrigation syringe at times i feel cramping. usually this means my bowels are moving and i have a large result. Hope this helps

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    Don't worry bout being classified; means nothing. Just work your butt off to maximise your potential. Hate this classification stuff,. I know guys myself included, that see results years and years later. Doesn't meant we're getting return necessarily, it may be those muscles that were too weak to registar are now stronger. Work on piggy backing the weaker muscle with the stronger one attached to it.

    I'm 40 years post injury like Bruce. After years of training in the gym with a trainer, I still see results that docs said I'd never achieve.

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    I was classified C4 Complete Asia A but now I'm functioning as a C7.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I also don't believe in the 2 years window, many people recovered after 2+ years. I just need clarification on the ASIA scale.

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    Gladiator, sorry that I did not see this earlier. The official signs of "incomplete" are return of perianal touch or pinprick sensation or voluntary contraction of the anus. It is rare that one gets voluntary anal contraction without other voluntary motor function below the injury site. It usually means motor incomplete or ASIA C. The term is "sacral sparing". The prognostic significance of "incomplete" spinal cord injury is different depending on when it occurs. If it is present during the days or weeks that follow spinal cord injury, it usually means that the person is likely to recover substantially. As much as 90% of people who are ASIA C during the first weeks after injury recover unassisted walking. However, when it occurs late, i.e. months or years after injury, it does not have as much prognostic significance. The reason is because early presence of sacral sparing means that there are some long spinal fibers that have survived the injury. Delayed appearance of sacral sparing may represent regeneration. In that case, it does not necessary mean that there are many regenerated axons or that they are connected to the right places. Wise.

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    Also, testing for perianal sensation is properly done OUTSIDE the rectum, not with deep pressure inside the rectal vault. The proper area to do such testing is within 1 cm. of the "cutaneous/mucosal border" around the anus...that is where the skin becomes moist mucosa. Deep rectal pressure would not be testing that same dermatome, but may be an indication of some spared visceral (organ) sensation.


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    When you say "it does not have as much prognostic significance" ,does it have any?

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    So, would you consider me Incomplete? (Pressure sensation/weak voluntary anal contraction) P.s. check out this case study about a C2 Complete patient that recovered after 5 years

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