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Thread: Need new night bags

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    Need new night bags

    The night bags I used to get from my medical supplier are no longer being made, so I'm looking for a new one. There are a lot of options out there, but there's one main feature I'm looking for, a long hose. The old night bags I used had a 53 inch hose. The new ones they've been sending are about a foot shorter. Does anyone know of any night bags with a long hose about 50 inches. Thanks

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    Try a Bard 18" Extension Tubing with Connector cost around $2.75/ea plus shipping at:

    Or cut the desired length tubing/hose from and old bag and attach it to the new one with an 'insert coupling fitting' aka 'in-line' connector. You can find the connectors in various sizes in pet stores with aquariums supplies.

    I found an 'insert coupling fitting' at:

    Hope this helps.

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    The Coloplast Moveen Bedside Night Bag has a 56 inch hose. Light weight and holds up well.

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