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Thread: Side-effect of Tolterodine Tartrate

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    Side-effect of Tolterodine Tartrate

    Hello to All,

    I'm Saumitra from India. I'm C4C5 quadriplegic from last nine years. From last several years, I'm taking initially Soliten (Solifenacin 5/10 MG) and then Rolitin (Tolterodine Tartrate 4 mg twice a day) to manage my overactive bladder. I don't remember, but from last many months, I have the problem of dry eyes, which has become so severe that I went to try all medications but no relief. While searching the side effects of the medicines I'm taking, I got it written categorically that Tolterodine Tartrate has the side effect of dry eyes and glucoma. From the day I stopped taking it, I got some relief, but again the problem of bladder pain, leakage, et cetera has been surfaced. Most of the medicines that counter overactivity of the bladder are having this side-effect of dryness of mouth and eyes. What is the way for me? Eyes are very precious and I do want to explore the midway for me. Please suggest me.


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    I think in America what you call Soliten in India is Vesicare and Roliten is Detrol. Yes all of these anticholinergic medications have the same effects. I'm don't think these medications cause glaucoma, but if you have uncontrolled narrow angle glaucoma there are some prohibitions to taking these drugs.

    Bladder Botox injections into the bladder walls can help with overactive bladder symptoms without dry eye or mouth side effects. These injections can be administered in a clinic or out patient facility and the effects on the overactive bladder usually last about 9 months before injections need to be repeated.

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    Thanks a lot. A year ago, one urologist suggested me about it. You know, there are news around about the side-effect and the efficacy of it. And absolutely, the cost is also a matter for me. I want to see other oral medicines before going for it.
    Well, could anyone let me know how to balance among water intake, times of catheterisation & demand of water in body as per the season. It's more than eight years now, but often I find myself puzzled to balance them. Please suggest me.


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    There is no set rules for how much to drink between cathterizations. It is going to vary by individual. The best thing you can do is keep a record of your intake and output. This way you can learn about your personal needs. Keep in mind these guidelines. Drink between 2 and 3 liters of water per day, cath every 4-6 hours, and cathing volumes should not exceed 500cc each time you cath.

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    I would recommend a follow-up appt with your provider. both of those medication have similar action. maybe you only need to be on one medication not both.


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