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Thread: polar vortex hell

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    polar vortex hell

    This weather has got me so painful i'm unable to do much of anything , let alone go outside to suffer... legs are so cold getting out of bed for any long period of time just makes the nerve pain so much worse.. That cold feeling feels like extreme burning hell.. can't sleep all day to avoid this pain i wont sleep at night... Don't like not doing anything , makes for more depression .. stuck in the polar votex pain maker from hell...

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    I'm with you on that one :( -36oC last night. Spasms galore too. I managed to (barely) get to work today but I hadn't slept, was in pain and sick on of it all . Half-happy to report I already took the day off tomorrow! I keep repeating to myself that there's only a few weeks left but that's a bit demoralizing at the same time. I don't know, it sucks but we've gotten over more than half of the winter at this point...hang in there!

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    Thank you twistties ..I know it's better to look at the glass half full then half empty... managing to keep legs warm is no easy task with no circulation , and the colder my legs get the more painful they are...

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    I know me too! Easier said than done though, this winter stuff blows (especially this year it seems). Seriously, wheels and snow are the least of my piss offs right now, as most ppl assume. I've been wearing underarmour longjohns almost 24/7 and turning up the heat lately. Oh and staying indoors as much as I can (again nearly impossible to avoid) and if I have to and they get really cold, try other tricks.

    Or stay home and avoid places... which I'm doing for the next 24 hrs, my sanity needs it if anything. Either way it sucks, but almost out of the woods! Ugh. It does a number on your mental wellbeing huh? Too bad they don't have a quick fix on that one!

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