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Thread: New post about the Epidural Stimulation

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    Wow, when the thread finally loaded the next page it let the post go through 3 times. Sorry guys.:laughabv:

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    Epidural Stimulation is also being done by Dr. Jusitin Brown at UCSD.

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    IT's also being done by Dr. Justin Brown M.D. at UCSD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    Maybe it's the upgrade. I couldn't get the video or link to load well and I can't see the additional pages either. I suspect maybe upgrading glitches for awhile yet...
    This thread is still messed up for me it seems. I can see that other people have since posted on the topic but I dont see their posts.

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    i can watch the videos
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    i can watch the videos
    You may not have seen these two video presentations yet by Joel Burdick...


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    Quote Originally Posted by PMR DOC View Post
    IT's also being done by Dr. Justin Brown M.D. at UCSD.
    He is implanting stimulators in the spinal cord for the sake of regaining movement and/or function? I know he's the man for peripheral nerve bridging, but I didn't think he's doing anything with epidural stim.

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    PMR DOC, Please tell us more. What are the results? How many patients are there? Details please. Very interesting. Thanks.

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