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Thread: Question for KLD or other advise nurse regarding Kidney stone removal.

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    Question for KLD or other advise nurse regarding Kidney stone removal.

    I'm a C5 Complete Quad since 1986 . I have a 1 1/2 inch in diameter stone on my right kidney that my urologist wants to remove by placing a tube from my Back to my kidney breaking into pieces and removing it. I forgot the name of the procedure. My concern is AD. Can you experience it in surgery? What about post op care? How do you manage pressure relief while on the table? Any advise would be great, I'm very nervous , this will be my first surgery since my injury . Thank you Frwheel16

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    This is called percutaneous nephrostomy and is a commonly done procedure for removal of kidney stones. Yes, you can get AD, so discuss intraoperative and post-operative AD management with both your urologic surgeon and the anesthesiologist. You should also discuss what padding is used on the table with the surgeon, and may need to speak to the head nurse in the OR. Intraoperative or perioperative pressure ulcers are possible, with long procedures especially, although the procedure in question is not generally that long. Generally this procedure should be done as an inpatient (not day surgery) for someone with SCI, as the chances of UTI with the break-up of the stone are pretty high, and often IV antibiotics are needed for several days, so you should also be concerned about the bed you will be on in the hospital, and being sure that your post-operative care includes a plan for prevention of pressure ulcers, management of any AD, and getting your bowel care done properly.


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    Another issue you should discuss is your position during the procedure. I had this done a few years ago. I was on my stomach with my arms extended in front of me for about three hours. I never thought anything about it. But, after another day or two I had significant weakness in my left arm/shoulder. I had minimal functioning with it. But, enough to drive my electric wheelchair. After the surgery, I was barely able to lift my arm. Long story short, my shoulder became dislocated/overextended from being in the unusual position for that length of time. Plus, putting me into that position was also an overstretching of the joint. Just something to think about. I ended up needing to keep my arm/shoulder immobile for almost 3 months. Good luck!

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