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Thread: Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution vs Schwalbe Marathon Plus

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    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution vs Schwalbe Marathon Plus

    Does anyone know the difference between Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution and Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires? The description sounds the same. I need to get some new tires that are 1 3/8" and it looks like that size is only available on the Marathon Plus.

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    I'm guessing the difference is Black'n'Roll (non-marking rubber compound). I suspect the MP description is incorrect (non-marking claim) because MP does not have the Black'n'Roll banner. I have MPEs, and they are definitely non-marking.

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    I push on top of the tire and the tread really are hard on a persons hands'

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    Thanks guys. Chasmengr I was thinking the same thing that the description might be wrong. Patrick are you saying their is more tread on the MP's?

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    Here's an email response that I received from Schwalbe about the difference between the two tires:

    The "Marathon Plus" is the Grey/Black color scheme, with Grey tread and black sidewall. The "Marathon Plus EVO (or 'Evolution') is an all-black color tire, black tread and sidewall. That's really the only main difference. The Black tread of the EVO version is non-marking, and they do say it lasts a bit longer than the Grey version.

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    If this picture helps, the Evolutions are on the left (they are in fact black, just covered in snow salt does look neat, if you don't factor in winter). I got the Marathon Plus on my other set on the right. As far as I can tell, the only difference is that they are all black. No markings yet and the threads look identical. I can't comment on how much the Evolutions last compared though. I do know they beat the squeaky right runs for sure.

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    Thank you very much for the additional help and pictures that was very helpful tauble and twist ties

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    The tread is really hard and deep. It may smooth out as they get worn but for me, the tread felt hard and sharp when pushing. I have the 1x559 on my handcycle and they are bullet proof.

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    Thanks for sharing that email, it really helps me understand. I've always been confused but Schwalbe's naming of their tires.

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