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Thread: Seat belt in a car for a manual chair user?

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    Seat belt in a car for a manual chair user?

    I am selling my rear-entry conversion Windstar van to someone whose mother is in a manual chair.
    It occurred to me that I know nothing about seat-belting in that case, as my Carolyn was in a power chair, which had its own seat belt.
    The buyer is completely new to all this (we all know the ton-o'-bricks syndrome), and I want to ensure that she knows how to safely secure her mother in the car.
    Can someone enlighten me about how that is usually managed?
    - Richard

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    I don't know about a rear entry van, but in a side entry van there are rails in the floor for manual tie downs. Seat belts can be fitted with the fastener that secures the manual ties downs to the rails and pulled up over the lap from either side of the chair. The shoulder belt is more problematic.

    All the best,

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    Yeah, this van of course has the tiedown rails. I'll need to have a look tonight to see what the belting situation is.

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    The local handicap taxi service has rear entry vans that still have the oem's middle seat shoulder belts in place. Does yours?

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    Figured it all out. Apart from the chair hold-downs, there's a separate seat belt that clips to the tiedown rails - having never used it before, I didn't remember about them. So - no problem!
    Thanks for the replies, though.
    - Richard

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    We always used the van seat belt/shoulder belt in addition to a wheelchair seat belt for my mother when in the van, whether in her power chair or manual chair. The wheelchair seat belt will not prevent the same trunk movements that a shoulder belt fact lap belts alone (in rear seats) are a notorious cause of SCI in auto crashes in the past.


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