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Thread: ? for quads using touchscreen devices

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    ? for quads using touchscreen devices

    My push button "Geezer" phone has quit working and I am thinking about trying one with a touchscreen. I am not certain that it will be a good move. I have some questions:

    How are you doing zoom and other seemingly difficult screen functions for quads?

    Do you use a stylus?

    Do you use a screen protector of any kind?

    I will appreciate any comments that might help with my decision.

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    I have an iPhone five. I know there are adaptable ways to zoom but I don't use them. I can see everything even with my own eyes. I don't use a stylus or a screen protector. I wear my iPhone around my neck with a lanyard that attaches to a stick -on holder with a loop on it. Darn, I wish I could remember the name of the sticky holder because it works great. I can find it out for you if you need it. I use my little finger for my thumb when using the iPhone and it works great. Good luck with your search. I'm sure of you could try out phones as your provider or Best Buy. I've gotten some good advice at the Apple Store but some of the employees there are not up-to-date on using the assessability features. To tell the truth, I use my iPad at home for almost everything and only use my phone for calls when I'm traveling and don't have Wi-Fi.

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    [SIZE=14px]If you can use buttons, you should have not problem with a touch screen. I had a Droid X phone but when my contract expired, I went back to my regular phone. I use a Samsung Brightside (or Bright something) and have no problems with holding it as it comes with a non-slippery silicon cover. Fox texting, I use a feature named T9Word which lets you touch one key for a letter rather than 3 to 4 times. My name would be 6455273 (Millard). I stay on my computer most of the day working on programs and really have no need for a smart phone.

    Good luck.

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    i've been using the pogo stylus for my smartphones. i attached the stylus at the end of my mouthstick and it works good with my iphone or android phones. pinch and zoom don't work of course but i don't use them.

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    i use a stylus in a universal cuff for texting cuz the letter are tiny on the onscreen keyboard. most everything else i can get by with my hands.

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    Bigger is better. I've used iPhones, Samsung Galaxy III, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 is by far the best for limited hand use. The Note 8 sold in North America doesn't have a phone but the Asian and European models do. I ordered 2 from Singapore. 8" screen is very easy to use with the side of my pinkie finger.

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    (Replies below based on how my daughter uses her iPhone 5)

    How are you doing zoom and other seemingly difficult screen functions for quads?

    She finds nothing is very difficult for her quad hands on her iPhone. She uses Siri and Dictation to launch apps, access her calendar etc. She uses Dictation for notes and even typing up long assignments for school. She has dumped Dragon Dictation and now just uses Apple Dictation on her phone and on her home computer because it responds so much better and is free. Tap the microphone button on the keyboard, say what you want to write, and the phone will convert your words (and numbers and characters) into text. It is easy to type an email, note, or URL without typing at all. She also uses her thumbs very well on the keyboard and can text with friends like a maniac.

    Zoom is built-in and works wherever you a double-tap with three fingers and it instantly zooms in 200 percent. Then, you can adjust the magnification between 100 and 500 percent.

    You can change font size, make custom "gestures" (like the double-tap with three fingers above) and use other accessible built-in features that are all in the Settings.

    Do you use a stylus?


    Do you use a screen protector of any kind?


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    I LOVE touchphones... Use my knuckles and life is easy not having to press any buttons.

    For zoom you can just tap... Mind you, I'm an Android fan, not Iphone.

    No stylus nor screen protector. I do however use a case and a wrist strap (like the WII ones)... Hang the phone on my wrist, strap runs between fingers and phone rests on my palm when I use it.

    You can just rest your phone on your lap or wherever, once you get used to a smartphone AND the wonders of touch screens, you'll wonder what took you so long.
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    Check out
    That and a micro switch.
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