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Thread: Pregnancy/New parents

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    I'm also 15 weeks pregnant and would talk about dealing with a newborn. I have 9 nieces and nephews, so I've been around babies, but I still have lots of questions, starting with how do you pick a newborn up off the floor???

    EDITED to add: I'm a T8-9 complete, 10 years post injury. Strong upper body but no lower abs and somewhat tenuous balance!

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    One trick that I have seen other parents in chairs use for picking the baby up off the floor is to keep the baby dressed in overalls (like the baby OshKosh B'Gosh ones). You can grab the baby by the straps, or even slide your arm through the straps and pick them up one-handed this way.


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    Yeah, I've heard of that trick and it sounds great. I'm mostly curious about/concerned with 0-4 months when they lack the head control for the overall trick to be safe. What then?

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    Probably best to avoid putting them on the floor at that age, esp. if you are alone.


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