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Thread: Problem with new site - I'm having to block emails from Care Cure

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    Problem with new site - I'm having to block emails from Care Cure

    I've tried and tried to edit my settings but the site won't let me. The emails I am getting are very old and aren't helping me stay in touch with threads at all. The site has been hard enough since the changeover but since I can't get the site to stop sending me emails that are a month old I am going to put the address in my blocked senders folder and just check in when I can to see what's happening. This site has meant so much to me and for now, for me, it's gone. I hope one day it comes back. I am thanking god I came to it and got so much out of it when I did. I am sad for those are new and need it now. Maybe it will be a few more months. My hope isn't high.

    Update: Just joined Inspired,

    Site works great.

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    Boy! Couldn't agree more! I have been trying to get in touch with Steven because a site I'm also on needs to solve the same vB5 issues that are here. I've been trying to get his info or contact him for over a week because our site( needed quick coaching before we pulled the plug and had a 3rd party migrate and meld back to vB4. We locked down our site 11pm last night; this morning I get an email telling me I have a new PM. I don't see one; my messages total hasn't changed; I go into each message and there I find a 4 day old PM with his info. Screw vBulletin!
    My pertinent post about our tryst and (hopefully) solution is in the last post of the next string down
    Can't seem to post a link!! It's "all I want for Christmas......"

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    Steven is traveling until later this week. I have passed on your message to him.

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