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    Sleep Number air mattress


    I am a C6/7 complete spinal cord injury. For many years I have slept on a Somma waveless waterbed (the water is contained in 8 cylindrical tubes.) I recently purchased a new Somma waterbed. This time I selected the cylindrical water tubes which also contain foam which prevents the water from sloshing back and forth. I'm not very happy with my current Somma waterbed. I know that I can swap out the tubes, but I think maybe it's time for a change.

    I have read a number of positive reviews about the Sleep Number air mattresses. It seems like the only negative reviews were remarking on the expensive price tag. They certainly are a bit pricey.

    So here's my question for my fellow c5/6/7 quads out there. Can you set a Sleep Number to extremely firm and then transfer onto the bed easily? After one is situated then do you simply inpt the appropriate number for your comfort level? How easy is it to move around? I would very much like to have sufficient pressure relief so that I can turn once a night instead of my current two times a night. Is the massage feature worthwhile? Obviously I'm not going to feel the massage but perhaps the motion would be beneficial to one's skin?

    Thanks for any and all advice.


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    For the sake of clarity…

    I know that there have been other posts regarding Sleep Number beds. For those of you who have purchased one recently which model did you buy? It seems like they have quite a variety of tops. My big concern is being able to transfer using a sliding board, and then be able to manage dressing and turning.


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    The ability to make the bed very firm for transfers and dressing (100 is the highest setting) and then adjust the pressure to your optimal sleep number is a great plus and one that has been mentioned by other Sleep Number owners here. You can get various heights and combinations of casters/tubing to help give you the best transfer height from your chair.

    When you go to a Sleep Number store, they will have a pressure mapping demonstration bed that will show your hot spots and help you find the optimal sleep number. (I am 6/4", weigh about 145 lbs. and my sleep number is 50). We have two XL twins side by side. Each of us has a controller for massage, foot and head adjustment and one controller for selecting both of our sleep numbers. The sleep number adjustment is an illuminated face (goes on to adjust the bed and goes off a couple of seconds after you adjust the bed). You select right or left bed with an arrow and select the sleep number with an up or down arrow.

    We have the massage feature and hate it. In fact, NL disconnected the wiring to this feature on both of our beds because we were turning the massage on in the middle of the night (one of us would hit one of our controllers in the middle of the night and turn the feature on accidentally. When the massage turns on it is loud and really doesn't massage so much as it rattles the bed). That said, if you get the adjustable bed, I think the massage comes in the package. Head and foot adjustment is great. You can elevate your feet at night to help with foot and ankle swelling.

    We have had our beds for about 9 years and the only problem we have had was with the sleep number controller. Eventually the display was not working correctly and made it hard to read the numbers. The company replaced the controller for free just a few months ago.

    Even though the bed is comfortable as is, I sleep on a medical sheepskin (have for 31 years). I am c6/7 complete, sleep on my back and do not turn all night. I also put a medical sheepskin under my feet. When we bought our beds we got a zip on/off pillow top. These can be replaced. They have a tendency to pack down over time. Today, you can get various toppers for cooler sleep and memory foam to name a couple. However, these foam toppers may make the transfers and dressing more difficult.

    All this said, I believe there are less expensive alternatives to Select Comfort Sleep Number. You can probably find them by doing an internet search.

    All the best,

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    we took the sleep number plunge a few mths back. best monies we have spent. im a quad c4-5 func c6. I pump to 100 to get dressed and transfer, works great. I sleep at 45. we bought the p5 with adj base. the base is fantastic too. great for our skin too. I transfer out with a board.

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    We've had ours long before my accident and it turned out to work perfectly for us afterwards. I set my on 80 and it is easy to transfer onto, and I don't ever change it because it works well doing everything else on 80. My husband did but the bed up on risers thought to get the height right for transfers.

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    We've had ours for 8-9 years(been 10yrs since wreck), got it when I got tired of a hospital bed and wanted to sleep by my wife again. It is a Split King setup(essentially 2 twins) gives ya all kinds of adjustment options. Mine was called the 5000 back then, might now be the p5 that Fuentes has, it was the middle of all the choices. Below that had a very noisy kinda crappy pump, above the 5000 the pillowtops got real thick and I thought that would be detrimental to moving/transferring. I sleep on my back all night, put my calves on a memory foam pillow to reduce heel pressure and I'm good to go.

    Been very happy with it, set to 100 for transferring/dressing, and set to 35 at night, almost like a hammock. Go to the store and sample, make sure to ask about which pump comes with it, that is if they still have different pumps, I don't know.

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