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Thread: Bowel and Bladder preventing

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    Bowel and Bladder preventing

    Am I the only one out there that don't do things just because I worry about my bowel and bladder? I'm getting better about bowel issues and not worrying so much but damn bladder. I go through disreflexia everytime I have to pee so that really seems to prevent me from doing thing business and fun.....

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    How do you manage your bladder?

    Have you had recent urodynamics?

    Do you take any anticholinergic medications (i.e., Oxybutynin etc)?

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    I catheter before I leave the home and then every hour and a half (or so) when I am out. I don't have any problem other than not being able to hold it; I catheter before I have to pee.

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    "Zen" I don't know that your bladder management will be helpful to "Redroc2." Having to intermittent cath every 90 minutes is tooooo much intermittent catheterization. Do you cath every 90 minutes round the clock? If so, you aren't getting much sleep.

    When did you last have urodynamics? Do you take anticholinergics?

    Anitcholinergics may help to reduce spasms that indicate the need to cath, as may Botox injections.

    All that said, if you haven't had urodynamics to find out what is going on with your bladder, you are really in the dark about the condition of your bladder.

    Neurogenic bladders change over time. What worked when you were in rehab and a few years later, may not be appropriate today.

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    Ditto everything that GJ said above.


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    someone put this on facebook as a joke, but I thought it might have prevented my being shut in for five years after my accident.
    I had no reliability as far as accidents go.

    My first thought when seeing this product was, hey that might be useful for care cure members. so maybe it can help you feel less worried about accidents, but Im not sure if it's safe for not causing skin breakdown.

    I use poise pads for pee accidents. there are some pads for male as well as female, that prevent wetting your clothes.
    And as stated above, cath before going out, so you have some time before your bladder fills again.

    I feel a lot of empathy for anyone who has such a low volume capacity for their bladder. fortunately for myself, Im going four hours between caths again, and that im very thankful for.

    the big smiley faces in the add are just silly, and provoke a chuckle. and it's only women featured, so not sure how this would work if you had testicles to contend with. I guess you could maneuver the wings to fit whatever way. It would have certainly been a welcome product for me before I regained some control of my pooper.

    I think it would be worth a try.
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    I drink a lot of water, so need to cath often. Many times 8-9 times a day. I have had to resort to daily enema's, a definite pain if i want to go somewhere. But….. i feel better this way. I have next to no sensation for bowel or bladder. I feel pretty alone in my decisions, haven't had much luck with doctors, in fact, i've had some really bad advice. I used crede method for years until i prolapsed my uterus. Crede was suggested by urologist in rehab. Was not taught to use catheter until i had a hysterectomy 3 years after accident because of the bearing down. Could have had a stroke, or worse.

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