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Thread: Site Extremely Slow

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    Why is one person doing this by himself?

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    I have managed software for a long time and have a saying when people suggest adding more people to a project in this state. It's "you can't make a baby in a month by getting 9 girls pregnant".

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    all i know is i seem to be accessing site to post ok. not to search. the predictions in terms of a fix are getting old. i know several ppl who don't even come here any more. i don't know what happens with newbies. i think this has turned into a big problem for the site's viability, but am not placing blame. just saying it's not at all good. people will go and not come back.

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    Whatever does happen to this site, for a while it helped me enormously. I learned various techniques for managing SCI I would not otherwise have known. So I will always to be grateful, and I think it could be a model for SCI sites and indeed for other medical sites, perhaps. I am confident that without this site, I would have been much sicker and in more pain than I am now.

    Even if the site does die, however - and I hope it does not, of course - I do hope at least that the old posts are saved and made accessible to google.

    I'd like especially to thank KLD and bobclark for their great advice and ideas over the years.

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    I don't think there are any more newbies, are there? I thought new registration had been disabled for months. Could be wrong.

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    xsf, in terms of newbies, that is my understanding as well. kld, wise, members have all been a great help. but i have seen other communities like this die off due to s/w issues. i hate, really hate, it if this happens here.

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    I am frustrated as well with the current situation. I am involved with another group that had almost exactly the same issues and we were able to recover nearly all information and revert from vB5 to vB4 quite quickly and economically. It has been so nice to see old friends returning to our site and being in a good conversation. I hope somebody handles that problem here soon as well! (see link below)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim
    Steven then had to begin reverting 1 million posts + links from Version 5, back to version 4. The major hurdle is converting 16 years of posts to a new software version. If it were as simple as just switching to a new bulletin board service, we would have done it.

    Canuck and Tim, please, its not helpful to float suspicions/conspiracy theories. We are more frustrated than you but support Steven and will give him everything he needs to finish this conversion. There is no quick fix to line-by-line coding. He is in the final stages but won't pull the trigger until he is 100% confident it will succeed.
    If the hold up is transferring one million posts from one place to another, there is no reason two, three, four, however many people couldn't, under Steven's tutelage, also be doing this to help make it happen faster. Each person could do a particular forum.

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    CC has given so much to so many, including me. We come here to share and get help. It boggles my mind why the administration is so unwilling to ask CC members for help in resolving the downgrade to V4. Being patient to wait is not enough. I'm certain there are members here who are talented and willing to assist in getting the job done.

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