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Thread: Site Extremely Slow

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    Site Extremely Slow

    Ever since the upgrade the site is running extremely slowly, pages take ages to load, I almost give up sometimes.

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    Hang in there, won't be long until we change.

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    I agree, and using a temporary password is rather annoying, always "working"when posting, causing double posts.

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    Yes, this version (vBulletin 5.0.5) is unusable. Version 4 seems to be working fine. We will be transferring shortly.

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    I'm just the messenger. I've been told a week :)

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    smashms, Jim is just relaying what he's being told by someone else. There's no need to shoot the messenger. Also, I'm sure this entire process of changing the site over to vb4 is pretty time consuming. Give them a little break.

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    She's a testy one, no prob :)

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    Typical isn't it? As soon as I posted this message yesterday, the site seemed to be running really quickly :-)

    Then this message took ages to load, oh well, I'm sure everything will iron itself out soon.

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    It just took a good 2 min for a post to load properly after pressing post reply. I'm surprised this problem hasn't been sorted yet. Is this website on a shared server, a VPS, or a dedicated?

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    Sorry, the change to vBulletin 4 is not complete yet, Steven had to travel last week.

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