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Thread: Warming up a bit but pictures of the cold are riveting

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    Warming up a bit but pictures of the cold are riveting

    Cold in New York

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    Thawing in Canada too. I think we will see more soon...

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    Yesterday was 6C, much better than the -40C we've been having here in Canada.

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    That's an awesome photo - and how did you get it to post like that? LOL

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    It looks soo cold! Right now we're below freezing, which is very cold for Tennessee! This is the second deep freeze we've been in now this winter. The last one was so bad, our water froze, and we had it running at a trickle too! Many people had the same problem and Lowe's and Home Depot were cleared out of water line supplies, heaters, and anything you can think of that might be needed for thawing and repairing water lines. I hope the repairs we made will help, and we have no more this week. It's suppose to stay cold until Saturday or Sunday.

    That was a great photo Wise.

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