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Thread: friend with cancer needs health ins advice, please help

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    friend with cancer needs health ins advice, please help

    hi, a health ins question on behalf of an ab friend with stage 4 cancer. she works for a city power and light company, group plan bcbs. she's out of sick leave shortly and HR told her no paycheck, no health ins. wtf? what about cobra? shouldn't she apply for ssdi? i know medicare won't kick in for 24 months. she's in MO. can anybody advise?

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    cass, american cancer society should have info, referrals for her. experience dealing w/such situations. very sorry your friend is so ill.

    any chance she has received care via a larger hospital w/good social worker? if so, sw's often go to bat for patients and may for your friend.

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    Look into obamacare ( If she has a relatively low income she should be eligible for very cheap health insurance, just make sure the policy you choose covers the hospital she gets her care at.

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    I thought cobra was good for something like six months. If she is still employed, but on extended leave due to illness cobra may not be an alternative. However it may be posible if she forked over the employers health contribution portion, she might stay on the plan she has for now while on leave.

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    i paid for cobra while on med leave for over 2 yrs. her HR is just saying too bad. cobra is federal. i just am not getting wth the prob is. thanks for responses.

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    It sounds like her HR doesn't know the ropes if you did it Cass.

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    Sounds fishy. Maybe someone needs to go with her to talk with HR, and clarify the details of her contract/situation.

    She shouldn't leave it to the last minute, as applying for Obamacare now is a wonderful option for her, but could leave her with a gap in coverage. Obamacare would likely be better then Cobra... as Cobra tends to be very expensive. She may qualify for a subsidy with Obamacare. I agree with applying for disability now as well, if she hasn't started this already. Some cancer diagnoses get you rapid approval, so this is key. I also agree with talking with the American Cancer Society. They will have experience with people struggling with their employers for coverage after a diagnosis, similar to your friend.

    That's great you are helping her.

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