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Thread: losing my grip

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    I agree cold and barometric changes make for increased pain .. I do best in temperatures 55 60 thru 80 85.. i can't be in direct sun lite , it feels good while in sun , but then after exposure to sun ,it turns into a extreme burning hell...

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    No life today , gave it up to the evil pain demond .. Oh sure i did the things i had to do , in pain.. now this burning hell has taken over and i'm done... what a life , miserable , when i'm full of life.. full of life i can't get to .. frustrated to the max...

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    ring of fire leading to burning hell ... very uncomfotable to wear clothes , was wondering what others do about wearing clothes , and if anyones had any luck .. my clothes make me feel the burning stinging hell turned into a constaint rug burn gone bad.... ?

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