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Thread: What is with Adobe Reader

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    What is with Adobe Reader

    Everybody seems to putting web contents in the pdf file format these days and now my A-R will not read them. I get the message that "the file may not be displayed properly." In fact, it is not displayed at all. I did some searching for solutions. I found several relating to Adobe problems and none were helpful. I have the latest Adobe upgrade and even reinstalled it. I thought I would check with CC before I hunt down an earlier version and see if it will work. Anyone have this problem and find a solution?

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    What is an "A-R"?

    Regardless there are usually two ways to view a PDF on the web, the first is to click on the link and display the PDF inside the browser via a plugin, the second is to right-click on the link (or left click is you are a lefty like me and have your mouse buttons switched) and save the PDF to disk, then read it outside the browser directly in Adobe Reader. I usually do the latter, the PDF browser plugins aren't always the best, if you actually are doing the latter and it doesn't work then I have nothing, maybe load the PDF into google docs and it will render it as a regular web page.

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    Thanks. I will try your suggestions. Incidentally, A-R is Adobe Reader as compacted by a guy who hates to type. lol

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    Download worked, Tom. It is a wonder that the NSA can pull anything useful out of this tangled web. Thanks for your help.

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    Glad it all worked out. So this means the PDF plugin for your browser of choice is old, which is a bit of a security risk. It might be a good idea to update it.

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    Adobe Reader had a decades old 100% CPU bug they eventually fixed long after I stopped using it.

    The full name for the obfuscation format is PeDoFile.

    Only ever send me plaintext otherwise will send something back that is also not plaintext.

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