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Thread: Do the thoughts ever go away?

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    35 years quad.. I don't have those thoughts much any more. Just live day to day.

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    im 4.5 years out and the thoughts have come back with vengeance. Life is like a wave, you get your ups and downs but over time, just do things that will make you a better person physically, emotionally, and spiritually down the line. Upward sloping sinusoidal wave.

    Go to the gym regularly and work out.
    Volunteer at your rehab center or hospital or old persons home or big brothers...
    Look into Buddhism and it's fundamentals.. I dont practice religion or any way of living but it can teach you some wisdom that will help get through the dark times.

    personally, after i go out with friends/family or myself.. i rarely remember the mobility issues but the laughing, the jokes and the good times are more significant than the disability and if something unexpected comes up, deal with it calmly and learn from it - gain confidence with your brand new body!

    For example, i had food poisoning diarrhea right before a 4hr flight. I spent a good 2 hours just in the plane's bathroom with no lube and 1 pair of gloves.. that was an experience i will never forget and one bloody asshole/rectum. But you know what? Now i have no fear of needing to use a public washroom for either bowel or bladder care.. HOW could it possibly be worse than being on that plane ride?

    Another tip i learnt was that if you are driving a car, you have to focus on the road ahead rather than the rear view mirror (your past) or concentrating on the barricade/fire hydrants/poles (acknowledge it but dont focus on the potential problems unless its in your face), you are eventually going to crash. Life is like driving your car. Gotta look where you are going and plan it or else you'll never get there!
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    I approaching year 13. For me, far from go away. Doubt they ever will. Not even sure they would if started walking. Seems to me there are "pieces" missing that were there and that time just keeps lengthening and lengthening. I often think the sky used to be the limit. I really liked that. The limit now, is pretty frustrating. I will say, I do keep trying.

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