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Thread: 2014. Toyota Sienna with Braun conversion

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    2014. Toyota Sienna with Braun conversion

    I am purchasing this van. Unfortunately, it's coming with a rubberized flooring. I have had this same vehicle in 2007. I'm a little concerned about this floor. Has anyone had any experience, good or bad with it?

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    I have the rubberize flooring in a 2010 Honda Odyssey. In my opinion, it is far superior than the original equipment carpeting that the van conversion companies reinstall during the conversion process. It cleans easily and doesn't wear like the carpet that comes standard in the van.

    What is your objection to this type flooring?

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    Thanks so much for your input. I really don't have any objection to this type of flooring. It is more of a concern. I was worried it may be slippery in the winter weather.

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    I live in California and the slippery when wet concern isn't a big one for me. My van rubberized flooring was about a $600 upgrade. The surface is quite textured and seems to provide a lot of traction. If I did live where I had a lot of winter weather to worry about, I think I would really prefer this surface over carpet. My previous van had carpet and it stayed wet for a day or two after coming into the van out of the rain. The carpet was always dirty looking. The rubberized flooring cleans up easily and dries out quickly. VMI puts extra insulation under the flooring and I think the rubberized flooring is quieter.

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    My sons old van had carpet and it was filthy all the time! His new Honda van has the rubber flooring and it is awesome!!! I just sweep it out and damp mop it.

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