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Thread: How many docs and which for what

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    How many docs and which for what

    How many docs do I need? I have

    Doc D in NYC primary pain doc manages pain (or not) spasms, IT pump

    Dr Raj in NYC Neurosurgeon

    Doc Sheldon wonderful but old country doc. He’s reluctant to do anything now that I have a pump but sharp as a tack, kept me together and got me to my NYC docs and manages daily health but…

    Doc Mike Local Pain, did my pain (not) before NYC docs, he’s a Physiatrist as well but the $$ sucks so does more pain, but is my Physiatrist and sanity check.

    A urologist.

    I never know who to go to for what. As I deteriorate it seems I need them all way too much and can’t manage them or know who to see for what.

    E.g., Diazepam, additional for spasms when the baclofen is a total fail. Local doc says go to Doc D (pain/IT), who says local, who says too much IT med interaction possibilities and says get a letter from Doc D for the prescription and then doesn’t give me what the NYC doc says anyway, gave me half. At some level I get it, he doesn’t want a hand in an OD but frankly when screaming on the floor who gives a fuck if I OD, I sure don’t. And I do not abuse it at all.

    Sigh half rant but just don’t know where to go, what to do, my situation is extremely dynamic again stuff going on everywhere.

    And now in PT that helped in the beginning but now seems to be evoking as many problems as it is meant to help.

    I don’t even know who to talk to about how bad my hands are getting drop everything or knock it over. I just had a T6-7 partial laminectomies for decompression and removal of scar tissue and a stim gone bad. Have a poorly fused C2-3 injury. Know I have more T level issues Fused L3-4-5 S1 the whole spine is fucked and I haven’t had an MRI in 10+ years because of the stim, I am way to weary of this crap.

    Wife thinks she’s a help but still thinks prayers and a better attitude will “fix” a lot of it and my lack of faith is a hindrance.

    The good news is I care as much about trying to get a bit better than self-termination so things are less dire than 2012 when I set a 1/31/13 termination date.

    Sorry for the whine mixed in with the serious what docs question.


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    I remember this topic or similar was discussed before and I was able to find it (Search is not working well right now :()! My random access memory is working. :lol:


    All the best,

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    Ket, I know how you are struggling. Sometimes I wonder if anesthesiologists could come up with an induced coma or extended state of anesthesia that could be used to give people in your condition a respite from the agony.

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    There is..... Michael Jackson used it...... Propofol.

    It killed him though.

    I wish you well KK. A good, supportive doc can be hard to find... so hang on to those if you like them.

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    I empathize with your dilemma, but am not sure of the correct answer for you. I would suggest that you pick one of them to be the "coordinator", if at all possible and give that a try. It is hard to find doc's that you like and that will work with you so I would be reluctant to give any of them up.

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