Hey Funklab, thanks for the information in your reply. I know you posted this a few years ago but just wanted to know if they give you a bit of slack or if you have to meet all requirements physically? I always have been interested around the medical subjects and find it fascinating but ruled it out as a career option because i'm a quad.

One of the options i looked at was an laboratory tech (yes one of the boring jobs), which from the job description might sound possible for me though i might have to invest in a standing chair but when looking into the study side it said one of the prac rotations said you have to go to a pathology collection center and withdraw bloods. I have a great tenodesis grip to write, draw, and pick things off the floor but not good enough to use a syringe to collect bloods so i ruled it out. However just reading the bit about not doing cpr i was wondering if they would make exceptions as long as you could do the main job.