Saw my pain docs, marginal relief from a low dose of Clonidine so they upped that, upped the baclofen, still having excess tone and spasms and they want me to reduce the valium I take.

One of the new docs in the practice is an SCI guy and thinks I should try Versed. Did some research and it is promising. Net my pain is unmanaged and my spasms are partially managed. This new doc thinks the SCI insult is much greater than written up and more extensive and a bit surprised at how many issues have been marginalized in my evals prior to going to the NYC docs.

The Surgeon who removed my dorsal stim in November and did a thoracic decompression also independently made the same statement and I think I'm up for a full MRI and eval again.

I don't think practically it makes much difference, but the C2-3 misaligned fusion, and T problems seem to have been glossed over with attention focused only on the L1-S5 mess.

Also suggestion I'm ASIA C not D due to non functioning muscles and big deficits but again it is only a label with no practical value this far down the line imho.

anyway Versed anyone??