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Thread: Is There Anyone here who Gardens!

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    I have mine in pots 5 gallon buckets I recyle shower water and dishwater/ we just punched a couple of hole in 5 gallon bucktes they drain well. just tomotes and jalenpo peppers and a sweet hot pepper is all
    I grow

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    Facebook page "Access to the Garden" is a good place for wheelchair users to get tips re gardening.
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    I had 2 raised beds built 20 years ago along our paved path, but grassy on 3 sides, so it was hard to get to the other side. I loved seeing the veggies grow, but later switched beds to only hostas and tulips, and went with 5 gallon buckets on the patio, nearer water supply. Getting on in years, I now use container for cherry tomatoes and smaller pot for herbs - parsley and basil.

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    I built a raised bed from cinder blocks this year. Fighting the weeks was just too much. It is just a four foot bed, three blocks high but Ry has harvested much lettuce, radishes and this morning, peas. We still have carrots, broccoli, cabbage, and much more lettuce as well as the peas growing. I put tomatoes and peppers in pots that are on a shelf where he can reach them safely when the time comes.

    We laid black landscape fabric on the ground, covered it with large gravel to level the area and stacked the blocks. We filled it halfway with pure compost and then topped it with organic potting mix. All together, we spent less that $100 but I have not faced a week yet. We had some cabbage worms that I got rid of with a mix of 1c A/P flout with 2T cayenne pepper. The broccoli and cabbage now have leaves again and no chemicals necessary. First peas with dinner tonight.

    We put marigolds in the corners to attract good bugs and planted rather close but everything is doing great so we intend to build more beds this fall.--eak
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    I just stack rubber tires, and you can make your raised gardens as high as you want by stacking more tires. Also, if you grow potatoes, you can "hill" the potatoes by adding another tire. Then when its harvest time, you can remove or dump over the stack and retrieve the potatoes. I have done this for years. Another thing I use is old washing machine tubs. These are great as they have lots of small holes in them allowing the water to drain so the plants do not get waterlogged. I use these things as they are free, and I have to work on a tight budget. Check with local car mechanics for old tires that are no long useable for cars. You can select the sizes you want and if you really want to get some large ones try tractor tires. I hope this helps.
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