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Thread: Bike-on Quad Elite with powertap and another with bionix

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    Bike-on Quad Elite with powertap and another with bionix

    What I love most about our Quad Elite products is the way they are constantly evolving. I remember back in the day using an elbow brake and shifter mounted in front of me or as a elbow shift. ..... Just doesn't work, and was dangerous! Thanks to James Watson at we now have wrist shifters on the grips so we never lose cadence. This is huge. Pair this with our Bike-on Reverse brake and you have the very best and SAFEST quad system there is.

    Here are a few of the latest Quad Elites I've sent around the world. First is a full Quad Elite Level 1 & 2 with a powertap built into a custom Mavic wheel. Next is a CC with bionix powerassist built in. Anything a quad needs we can build up. Beautiful thing is its all tested by a high quad, ME.

    Also I put out a Quad Elite monthly newsletter, if you'd like to be added to my list drop me a note

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    Those bikes look (and undoubtedly perform, I'm assuming) amazing. Your passion, knowledge, and experience coupled with Bike-On's resources and "customer centered" approach make for fantastic opportunities for PWD. My hat's off to you folks! (Aside, I recently had an impressively smooth transaction with and can't recommend doing business with you folks enough. As a consumer I really haven't had many easier experiences, particularly in the DME market.)

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    thx oddity. yes our customer service is what we are most proud of, peer to peer support. with these quad bikes, we are the only company worldwide doing what we do.

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    Great, if one has about 10 grand. One luxury few people can afford. Add that to the 100 dollar jump in the Freewheel price to $599. Sportaid's $3,000 addition to Pat's wonderful $5,000 ZX-1 Power Add-on and finally, throw in the SmartDrive Power Assist for $6,000 more bucks and we're set. More than two years income for a lot of folks.

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    heres another, its an 2012 R with bionx. bionx is a sweet addition, gives you varying degrees of assist. I do a lot of these. this was originally built up with c5 grips but was soon swapped over to quadgrips with quad wrist shift.

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