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Thread: All i want for Christmas is the old CareCure

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    On the other hand, it would be the perfect opportunity for u2fp to come up with their forum!

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    I'm about shot out for the season Sue, but I will be back out this afternoon :D

    Lynnifer, is that the underlying reason the site isn't working? Is Wise trying to get someone else to pick up the ball and run? U2FP?

    I don't want my bitching to come across as a put down to Stephen or whoever is responsible for the transition, but the fact is that taking 2-3 months to change-over and it still not be completed is unacceptable for a site that so many depend on. I, and many others, are just frustrated that the managers of this site have allowed it to crumble from such a valuable resource into a site that rarely has 3-4 people visiting at a time. I frequent several sites, with varying member numbers, and they're all run by volunteers with FT jobs. What do they do differently that we can't do to manage all of the spam problems.

    I don't need this site, I have lots in my life to keep me busy. But it was a great site, I've made some great friends here and love the fact that it is a valuable resource to so many people. Way too valuable to let it be devastated by what should have been a simple conversion. I work with lots of newly injured SCI and this was always where I sent them for info. At this point, we'd be better off starting fresh with a whole new site.

    Stephen is a talented man but maybe the product he's working with isn't what we need. Maybe Stephen is overwhelmed by all of the work? He is, after all, a volunteer with a life to lead outside of CC. I've managed volunteers for years, and lead a volunteer organization. Someone needs to step up and get this done. Does Stephen need professional help with the transition? If so, let's make it happen. There are plenty of people here that would contribute to the cause (well, there were but I'm not sure where they are now).

    Come on guys, let's get this done. I'm sure you'll be relieved but this is my last post on the subject. Peace.

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    1,097 need to understand...this is NOT a simple problem. When the site went from v2 to v5 it not only changed the "look and feel" that we've allcome to dislike, it changed the whole structure of everything that supports it...I would assume that includes the structure of the database where all our rants are stored. So, we now have the old v2 data converted (at least partially) to v5, new v5 data added, and now Stephen has to back that down to v4 database structure.

    Its complicated!

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    Yeah, it's sounds complicated. Too bad it turns out so is the psyche of the SCI community as well. Many of us, after the shock of their injuries, sicknesses or conditions, had little else other than the old little familiar community of the former CC: and now suddenly they wake one day to find this gone too. It seems like CC just imploded. In have my suspicions why.

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    I think you are correct in saying that some of our worlds have shrunk after injury to the world of care cure. It is gone. You worded it better than anyone so far. Family goes away, friends no longer call, but Care Cure was always there. No more. Very sad.

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    Personally I think Steven is being made the "fall guy" for all the changes/delays etc. Too bad we as a group/membership can't take over the day to day running and remove it from Rutgers and other controlling parties.

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    Canuck, Steven has been our paid programmer for many years, is more than qualified to do this conversion but has run into many, many roadblocks. Our first move was to upgrade to the newest version of vBulletin because every mod/admin (including Wise) was wasting hours each day moving spam, banning spammers, and IP addresses. At present we have banned nearly 16,000 IP addresses. This translates into hundreds of thousands of spam messages that had to be moved. We could not keep up the pace and had to upgrade to the newest vBulletin version which had much better spam prevention tools. Steven made the upgrade offsite and tested it but when he went live, nothing worked. vBulletin support made promises to help, even released a new version just for us, but in the end didn't fix their software. Steven then had to begin reverting 1 million posts + links from Version 5, back to version 4. The major hurdle is converting 16 years of posts to a new software version. If it were as simple as just switching to a new bulletin board service, we would have done it.

    Canuck and Tim, please, its not helpful to float suspicions/conspiracy theories. We are more frustrated than you but support Steven and will give him everything he needs to finish this conversion. There is no quick fix to line-by-line coding. He is in the final stages but won't pull the trigger until he is 100% confident it will succeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim
    Canuck and Tim, please, its not helpful to float suspicions/conspiracy theories.
    Given the current state of the site, what else is there to do?

    How about the one where the mobility equipment manufacturers brought down the CareCure server to silence the collective voice of those meddling end users?

    Maybe start a thread for conspiracy theories about the fate of former regulars who no longer post here.

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    ...or maybe a thread about those mysterious characters that get added to some posts. I have a suspicion that the NSA probably slipped that "â" into my post so they can track me!

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    .......or a thread about why my posts appear to be posted an hour in the future.

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