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Thread: Wheel choices...Round Betty vs. Spinergy vs. Aluminum billet wheels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkbenny
    Hi Everyone! Thanks for the replies :)

    I don't really want cheaper wheels. I like the idea of the alumanium spokes for the farm. my chair takes a good deal of abuse from the horses at times...I am okay paying the spinergy/dino level for wheels. Aluminum billet wheels...not so much unless there is very very good reason to!
    Hi Benny, there is nothing better in the market than a SLX 24 spoke wheel, could have cooler and lighter wheels, but not better, about push efficience, forget that nonsenses.

    Round Betty looks really cool, i have had them; i have had LX, spox, slx, Mavic crossmax sx handmade, round betty, Katanas.

    The cooler wheels imo is the Round Betty, the best the SLX and the best wheel price-quality relation the Katana.

    So because you are going to give them a good abuse in the farm keep with slx or if the money is not a problem for you speak with Erick if he could make to you a Round Betty wheel with titanium spokes, that would be nearly the perfect wheel.

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    In the end I went with the Round Betty Dino wheels. Thanks everyone :) I have 24 LX's and will have 25 SLXs as well.

    My new chair will have a lower RSH too. I was going to go significantly lower but an OT I trust scared me out of it. I do know that the 25's will give me more wheel contact and a better push and I really need that. I have a shameful amount of wheel contact right now and it's really hard on my shoulders. Can't wait to get my new wheels :) AND at some point soon my new chair!!!!! Mike Box, everyday full suspension chair, going to it from a poorly fit ZRA that I should never have a agreed to. It wasn't my first chair but they tried to convince me I needed full adjustability because it was my first "adult" chair. I also knew I didn't want a z-frame. That all could have been fine if it wasn't horribly configured and no amount of "adjustability"c could redeem it...but I digress.

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    I have the Spinergy 26" SPOX and they have held up great over the past 13 years of abuse. I'm gonna try the new 26" Golz Twin stars on my new chair.

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    can someone tell me other cons and pros between Spinergy and Dino's other than what was mention on previous post?

    Thanks in advance

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