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    I'm searching for some personal perspectives of folks utilizing this exercise machine. I've read a fair amount of about the device from the manufacturers, but are people gaining function and strength. I'm interested in anyone's personal experience… Is it worth the money?

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    When it comes to gaining function and strength, it depends on how much you have to begin with. If you have even the slightest bit of volitional control of your muscles to begin with, then stimming them can make them stronger, which will increase your function. Regaining function from FES is a case-by-case basis and is never a guarantee.

    If you respond at all to FES, the thing that is guaranteed is maintaining muscle mass. Increased circulation and decreased spasticity and stiffness are also guaranteed benefits. If you respond well enough, you can increase your muscle mass as well. As far as being worth the money, thats your call...and it depends if insurance is going to help you out. You also have to consider the money that pads cost, as well as how long it will take you to set up each time you want to use it.

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    I respond well to FES. However, when I look at the time bike it seems that it may be a fair amount of preparation for minimal gains. Have you personally use the machine for a certain period of time? I had an FES bike for five years and used it quite successfully. The problem being that the expense – both in time and finances outweighed the benefits. Technology has changed so I'm Seeing if there's been any fine-tuning of prior devices.

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    Chaz19, I haven't used the FES arm cycle myself - I actually don't have an SCI, but I am an exercise trainer for those with SCI and paralysis.
    In terms of stimulation itself and the benefit that FES can give to people, there haven't been any significant changes (to hit the market) in the past few years. Some exciting stuff is being worked on but it isn't commercially available yet. If you got an FES arm cycle it will probably give you the same benefits as the leg cycle did. Whether or not those benefits are worth it is up to you. It is always possible you might get more functional gains from combining FES with exercise when trying to do certain movements, but the ability to do that with FES cycles is limited.

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