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Thread: atrophy and tens unit boney butt

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    atrophy and tens unit boney butt

    my lowers legs have really atrophied will a tens unit help build them up and my butt is really boney would the tens help with that im afraid of getting sores on my ischials its so boney or is that just normal after 11 years

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    Do you have spasticity (upper motor neuron injury) for your buttocks and leg muscles, or are you flaccid (lower motor neuron injury)?? FES (not TENS so much) can build muscle mass in UMN muscles but generally is not successful in LMN muscles.


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    when I put t on the muscles it makes them move I have spasticity to

    not sure what you mean with the lingo I t-10 complete

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    UMN = upper motor neuron. This is damage to the axon of the motor nerve anywhere from the brain all the way down the cord to where the nerve synapses with a lower motor neuron. Usually you would have an upper motor neuron injury for any muscles that are paralyzed but have spasticity.

    LMN = lower motor neuron. This is damage to the cell body or axon of the nerve that is in the gray matter of the cord and immediately leaves the cord to join a spinal root/nerve. If it is damaged, there can be no reflex arc to that muscle, thus a flaccid paralysis of the muscles innervated by that axon(s). This is usually right at the level of your cord injury, but sometimes if there is loss of circulation to the cord below the injury, there may be additional lower motor neuron muscles (ie, flaccid paralysis) below the injury level as well.

    You have to have an intact lower motor neuron (ie, intact reflex arc) to use FES. While you can stimulate lower motor neuron muscles with a very strong stimulation, this is often enough to also cause burns.


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