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Thread: Paraplegic with broken fibula, tibula

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    That is a good point GJ, I've got bad bones too, part of the reason the Doc said it would prob be a year to be fully healed. I was thinking in terms of how to stabilize the knee area, they usually do it with knee extended which would be a real bear to deal with.

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    Well, I am a pretty active T-12. It has been 30 yrs post accident. Over the 30 yrs, i have broken my Tibia or Fibula, or both 4 times. The latest accident occurred about a month ago, where I broke the tibia on both legs. Currently I am in casts from the knees down on both legs. The Orthopedic doctor does xrays and changes my casts every 10 days to verify there are no pressure sores and bones are staying in place and healing. so far so good. My previous 3 fractures were also casts, and I never had issues with sores. The important thing is to change leg positions every 2 hrs at night while sleeping, I know it can be a pain when you are trying to sleep, but it has to be done

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    You have been lucky that you didn't develop any pressure ulcers. Casts are really not recommended for anyone with lack of sensation. You are right- it is important to change positions, but sometimes that is not enough. CKF

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    I'm T5-6 para 10 yrs post. I broke my tibia on Monday morning during a bad chair to floor transfer. I didn't put it together until Friday morning for various and sundry reasons but needless to say by Friday a.m. I was well aware of a problem: sudden dysreflexia, increased spasm through tailbone up through my abs, increased swelling of feet and calf with rosy colouration (I'm Canadian), and increased numbing burning pain in buttock down to my feet. I went to Emerg and was fitted with an Air Cast (kind of ski boot type of thing) and told to keep the velcro straps snug but not tight initially not to use the air pump feature. After a day or two I could retighten straps. I have a follow up fracture clinic appointment in a week. Asked for and was given short script for Hydromorphone. Coincidently I've been working to reduce my morphine dependency from a high of over 700 mg/day m-eslon to 10 mg/daily of ketamine roughly 3 years later. I called my physiatrist who's managing my opioid reduction from hospital but being Friday won't likely hear from her until Monday. In the mean time I'm sitting up in bed at v5 a.m. having not slept a wink though at 2:30 I took 5 mg nifedipine for the AD, 2 mg lorazepam to relax & sleep, 3 mg hydromorphone for pain and 2.5 hrs later 10 mg of statex for breakthrough. I'm just now noticing feeling less pain and discomfort and the spasms have stopped. Hopefully I'll get some sleep by 6 a.m. to wake in time for my son's first hockey game of the season.

    Will update after my visit to the fracture clinic. Things don't happen in 3's still, do they? That was a 20th century phenom wasn't it?

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