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Thread: Baclofen Pump and Pain Meds Combined

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    Baclofen Pump and Pain Meds Combined

    I read an earlier post about putting morphine and baclofen in the pump together which is something I had not heard of. That's why I like this site and others. You never know it all. So here is my question. My wife has a baclofen pump. And thank God, it saved her life. However she takes Methadone 3 times a day consistently also. I read where they mix morphine with Baclofen in the pump for pain. While I am not real happy with morphine for reasons I won't go into, the methadone works for my wife. Has anyone ever tried mixing Methadone with Baclofen in the pump? Can it even be done?

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    there are limited drugs you can introduce intrathecally methadone is not one of them, pretty sure i trid them all, You should learn that the dosages of any are micro doses. while not sure your issues, talk to the doc, Bibucaine, morphine, dialaudid, clonidine, prialt (be extremely careful with this), think 1more But you definitely have options, thry might put her in hospitsl to sort the cocktail but they may have to wean her down from the orals. definitely talk to the doc.

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    I use bupivacaine with baclofen-worked great initially then slowly became less effective-use oxycontin orally as well as anti-seizure, anti-epilepsy, etc but still living with high level of pain-looking at a spinal cord stimulator (???), but have never tried methadone-how are the side effects as compared to oxycontin,etc?

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    I've tried Dilaudid, morphine, Prialt, and a couple of others in my pump and the best thing that has worked to bring down my central pain is bibucaine. I might go back to Dilaudid to get rid of severe back pain but I'm not sure I want to yet. I had to have the pump removed once after it got infected after it got replaced and the withdrawals were horrible. Also,I kept having to increase the Dilaudid dosage and I got kind of stupid. I tried Prialt but it really messed with me causing a lot of memory loss and a new source of pain. I think somewhere around here I put a sticky about the baclofen pump. You may want to look at that you can find it.
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    Do you think the methadone may be able to replace the oxycontin that I take 3x/day-what type of side effects does she get from the methadone-I am wondering if methadone may have less of an effect on my memory

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    I have been in chronic pain for years and they kept upping Morphine in the pump which had little results. They switched me to Prialt in my pump along with lioresal and it has made a huge difference in my chronic pain. I do need to say that for the first few days my pain and spasms were really bad. So bad that I almost wanted to be switched back. Believe me it was worth the wait.

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