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Thread: Rash on Groin / crotch area now oozing

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    Rash on Groin / crotch area now oozing

    We've been battling a rash on my husband for a few weeks now in the groin area. I've been going back and forth between diaper rash cream and clotrimazole (mostly the diaper rash cream) ..But, we've been going a day or two between showers or messing with it , and its getting worse instead of better. Now, its oozing a bit (clear) in the crease of inner thighs.
    My plan is to : Use clotrimazole on the areas that are more dry and not oozing - use the frog position at night to try and dry things out- shower daily - use clotrimazole once the oozing area dries out more. Does this sound like a viable plan ? I've never dealt with the oozing before. Its right in the crease of the upper thighs... Trying to avoid a doc appt. if possible- we're swamped with an early Christmas and vacation right after and don't really have the time if we can get it under control ourselves.........
    ALSO, how would you know whether its something that is fungal or just from moisture, chafing, etc, like a baby would get from too much moisture? It looks red/ peeling on the inner thighs, red on scrotum, larger parts of red and some rash-like splotches on the outside of the larger red spots..

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    You probably need professional help. Here is what Wiki says about clotrimazole's side effects: Side effects include skin rash, hives, blistering, burning, itching, peeling, redness, stinging, swelling, or other signs of skin irritation

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    Hello JacksonsGirl,

    If you have it available, use Microcyn/Vetericyn/Puracyn on it. It is already FDA approved for this type of use and works very fast. I have had the same thing (in the creases) and it cleared it up overnight.

    Good luck.

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    I had that when used all the diaper creams and baby creams, all cleared up after stopping all of it, shower and keep it dry. Its worth a try.

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    We had some success keeping things drier by placing a piece of thin cloth in the crease to avoid skin/skin contact. I cut an old T-shirt into sections or strips a few inches on a side.
    - Richard

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    I find the best treatment and deterrent for these kind of rashes is Lotrimin powder. It is a good anti fungal and also helps to keep the areas dry. I do not like to use moist things where moisture is part of the problem.

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    You need to stay away from the creams and ointments when the area is moist. Keep it clean and dry and your husband in bed for a day or two to get it cleared up. In my opinion you need to have someone look at it. It sounds as though it is getting worse, not better. I think you could be pushing it if you don't get some help, although without seeing it, it is hard to say.

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    Frog position to allow the area to dry out (be careful there isn't a lot of pressure transferred to bony areas and heels). A hair dryer set on COOL helps to dry the area out if you use it several times a day while staying in the frog position. Vetericyn can be helpful in killing fungal or bacterial irritations. I know it is a drag staying in bed with this, but it can be hard to heal these lesions if there is constant moisture.

    All the best,

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    I occasionally get a rash, and sometimes a seeping clear fluid as well, on the crease of my thighs. I have found that the most effective treatment has been keeping it dry. I will often also apply an anti-fungal cream or powder just in case. It usually clears up fairly quickly. @gjnl offers good advice as well.

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    I once had this happen and used an OTC medicated powder too. Huge difference just overnight. If this didn't show rapid improvement then I'd see his PCP possibly for an oral anti-yeast prescription.

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