I totally get the feet!!! In rehab I had techs and nurses covering my feet when I was finally asleep and I would be awake and pushing that damn button like crazy within a minute. They didn't get it at all with my feet. One of the psych types did and we did a lot of hard work on biofeedback and me trying to wear socks a few minutes at a time with as much distraction going as possible. I was lucky because between those exercises and methadone I could cope until the worst of the pain just disappeared. But even after 21 years my feet are my nerve pain centers. I take valium for spasms and when I went cold turkey when my old PCP got picky on rules and I needed to be 800 miles away the next day when my Mom died;well, after 9 days my feet were doing the burning cold again. But I am the lucky one. Ten lousy milligrams most nights and the feet are bearable and I no longer kick the spouse across the bed. OK, a nice slathering of moisturizer all over my feet and double on my soles helps too.