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Thread: Ameristep Doghouse Blind

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    Ameristep Doghouse Blind

    Got it out for the first time tonight to practice in the garage. What a breeze to set up...take down was a mystery until I watched a YouTube clip. Then it was pretty easy. Like the size of the blind...the only negative for me is the window height. I'm pretty tall and the windows are just too low. I'll have to sit in a reclined position to see out the windows. I can deal with that for a while but eventually I'll probably be looking for a replacement.

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    I sit nearly 5' tall in my chair, so I know your problem. I use the Barronett Blinds 350 Grounder Series Blind and its windows are high enough provided I don't have to aim/look uphill.*0

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    that looks is the setup and takedown? And is it very heavy? One thing that attracted me to the Doghouse is that it is quite lightweight. Not a hassle to haul into the woods.

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    My dad sets it up. It was a little tricky the other day, but my it had been a while since he had last done so. Usually its pretty easy to erect if you're able bodied. My dad is getting older and has a bad back. ;) The internet says 17 pounds as to weight.

    Here is a video of how to set it up.
    Note: the blind in the video is a smaller than the 350

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    The small doghouse blinds will kill you trying to look out the windows for any length of time. Throw in cold weather and game over! Your neck and shoulders will be killing you in no time.

    We have 12 of the Grounder 350's that we use here in Virginia. Set up would be awkward for someone in a chair but they're fairly easy otherwise. Tons of room, 3 people easily. If you can handle folding up the doghouse style, there are lots of other similar options out there. But I'd recommend going with a smaller hub-style blind with slide up/down windows. Just be sure you can get in and out at the corner.

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    Funny you should mention the cold weather...I'm supposed to go out tomorrow and we're getting 3-5" of snow tonight. If it's on the low end I might go out in the Bounder and give the Doghouse a try. Sounds like I'll probably have a sore neck tomorrow night...

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    I have the Dog house as well. If you use a small bungee cord to pull the window up in the center it helps a lot. It's not perfect but for me it made it usable.

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