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Thread: Sadly surprised when visiting Carecure.

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    Sadly surprised when visiting Carecure.

    As infrequently as I find myself now coming to CareCure, I never expected to see that the most recent posts in many forums to be several days old, and not the "minutes old" like before.

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    There have been issues with the new version of Vbulletin vb5. Many users have just fallen away because of the change and subsequent difficulties. Currently we are awaiting a change from vb5 to vb4 which is supposed to be more user friendly and more compatible with the Care Cure data base. Hopefully after that, the membership will build up. On the positive side of the change to vb5, there is a whole lot less drama, discord, and animosity on the site.

    All the best,

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    Agreed, a whole lot less of everything. I remember being shocked when I saw that there were 500 or 600 people on the forum at the same time, now we'd be lucky to have 10. Just have to hope for the best, someday.
    Got to wish Steven good luck, maybe he can save it.

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    Hopefully the missing members will return once the forum returns to a more stable and user friendly format because it would be quite sad if folks disappear for good.

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    Its hard to find a way in. most links to the site, don't work, you get an err page.

    I left because my heart was crushed, and there weren't any spammers after the changeover, so I wasn't needed to de spam. maybe it's possible to email people a working link, they will come back

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    There may be fewer of us, but were all more alike now. No gender identified, no injury level, no location, and we all have the same photo.

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    You must be kidding .......

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