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Thread: Paint coming off surgilube tubes?

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    Paint coming off surgilube tubes?

    So I have been using surgilube for over 28 yrs with no issues. I use for both bowel and bladder management. Dig stim for Bowel and Intermittant cath for Bladder. Recently after barely opening a tube (after it is rinsed under tap or wiped off with wet ones antibacterial wipes ,the paint is coming off and I mean a lot of it. It gets all, over blue specks on gloves when bowel and on 2wet wipes when cathing . Never had this problem before stopped using one shipment got new ones yesterday I get 2 dozen at a time) same problem. Have a few older ones left with an earlier exp date no problems with them. Am using flip top 4 and 1/4 oz tubes. Any body else dealing with this?. thinking it can't be good to have all this paint floating around with chances to enter body. What are some other lubricants others use I tried KY jelly on a limited basis but found it did not stick to catheters very well.

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    That is odd. I think you should call Customer Service at Savage Laboratories, a division of Fougera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The number is 800-525-8747. Explain to them as you have here. They may want to have these tubes back for testing. They will probably send a call tag and either reimburse you or send you new product. Maybe a call to your supplier about the problem would be beneficial too.

    I am using ProAdvantage Lubricating Jelly by NDC, Product Number P903200 ( I have used this for intermittent catheterization and bowel care. Now I use it for once a month change of suprapubic catheter and bowel care. I don't use the same tube for both. I use separate tubes for catheterization and bowel care. No cross contamination that way.

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    In these days of counterfeit medical supplies and outsourcing it does not surprise me that things like this turn up. I would follow GJ's advice and report it to the manufacturer so they can check it out.

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    I am doing all of the above customer service number i called was from surgilube (fougera) website they have been cooperative but wouldn't tell me if others were having problems. I was recently forced to switch suppliers by my Ins. Co. which I am sure was for money saving reasons on their part . I will see if I can get some proadvantage while all of this gets straightened out. It does seem like quality of supplies is going down and I am aware that one has to fight sometimes to get supplies of reasonable quality. It can be energy and time consuming as we all know. I have also discovered that the flip top tubes are made of different material than screw off top tubes which I think were aluminum.

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    The ProAdvantage Lubricant is supplied in what I would characterize as a plastic tube with a flip top.

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    I use Walmart's Equate Personal Lubricant Jelly for digi stim. The 4.0 oz plastic tube with flip top lid cost less than $2.00.

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