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Thread: Had another grand mal seizure

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    Had another grand mal seizure

    This one was nasty. I woke up in ICU with a tube in my throat. They had to intubate me. I guess one of the caregivers came into my room and I was foaming at my mouth. I inhaled some of it and ended up with pneumonia along with not being able to breathe. I spent five days in the hospital this time. This really freaked me out. I'm going to see a new neurologist over at Barrows neurological Institute. Hopefully we can get this all figured out.

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    On what medication? Levels checked regularly?

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    Sorry you had this experience. It sounds frightening. And probably more even more frightening is not knowing what is causing the seizures. Hope you find some answers at Barrows.

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    I recently lost my insurance through the Mayo clinic where my neurologist was and have been trying to get into a new neurologist over at Barrow neurological Institute. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow with my primary Dr. as a follow-up on the hospital stay. We've been trying to get me into a new neurologist for a couple of weeks. Having to get stuff approved is frustrating. I'm on state insurance and Medicare advantage program so everything needs approval before I go. Ever since I started having these seizures I've gotten a lot more feeling in my lower back. It's left me in tears a couple of nights. Is it possible the seizures caused need to be incomplete? Someone has to ask Dr. young. I'm getting burned out with all my problems. I think I've had every problem a quad can possibly have between pressure sores, seizures, a little shoulder pain and who knows what else. I still have the one on my trochanter but the pressure is so minimal when I'm in my chair that I've been able to get up for five or six hours at a time and it still seems to get better. I'm frustrated and tired of it.

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    Seizures originate in your brain and I don't know how there could be a correlation with your SCI. the seizure medications are used for other things such as pain and spasticity and might slightly change that but wouldn't think it would be that noticeable butyou never said you were on medication. CWO

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    I think Ryan had a TBI/SCI combination injury originally. The seizures started later though. Ry, was it after a bad bout of AD or a fall? I forget.

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    I cracked my skull when I was 15. Major concussion. I probably had a pretty good confession when I broke my neck to. I've only broken 2 bones in my body, my neck and my skull. Go figure. Just another thing to top off 2013. Can't wait until next year when I get to start over again

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    Were you taking medication?

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    Yes, and it really messes up my memory. I wish I could remember which ones. I believe it's Keppra, Lamictal, and another one. I know they were giving me Keppra through my IV when I was in the hospital. I'm pretty sure I got up pretty good concussion when I broke my neck, after all, I hit my head hard enough in the pool to break my neck. I think there were more concentrated on my broken neck though

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    You probably need to be on some sort of anti-seizure medication, but before they put you on it, they will probably need to do some tests. I think that you have a very valid point in that if you hit your head hard enough to break your neck, you probably had at least a concussion, if not a traumatic brain injury, albeit mlld. Good luck with the new neurologist and please keep us posted on what is going on.

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