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Thread: Shower seat cushion?

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    Shower seat cushion?

    I am T6 para and have always used a cushioned commode type shower seat. Reason I use commode type is for balance and to keep me from sliding off when all soaped up. My concern is pressure. Is there a shower cushion available that would be fully contoured. What I mean is no commode seat but a cushion that will give enough balance and pressure relief? Any ideas?

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    If your shower/commode chair does not come with a proper padded seat, you can add a Roho toilet seat cushion:



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    I've used a Roho commode cushion for years & have not had any problems with pressure sores since. I did have a couple of bad pressure sores before using the Roho though. I find my balance is much better with the Roho then with out it. My bench has the commode cutout & a padded seat but using the Roho give more protection & helps with stability. I've never seen a contoured seat in a bath bench. woody

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    My husband has been using a Stimulite Silver cushion in the shower for about 6 months, and we are very happy with it. I'd recommend the XS for sensitive skin, which is what we will probably get next time. They have a countoured cushion that might work for you:

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