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Thread: Looking For T6-T7 Para-Ostomates!

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    Looking For T6-T7 Para-Ostomates!

    [SIZE=14px] [SIZE=18px]Hello.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18px]I am looking to make new friends and network with anyone here that is a T6 or T7 paraplegic AND ALSO an ostomate, having an ileostomy.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18px]If you have a colostomy instead, that would be fine.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18px]Looking forward to meeting new friends.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18px]Thank you.[/SIZE]



    mercer island, wa

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    I am a T-10 complete with colostomy. 20 years post SCI, 3 years post colostomy.

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