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Thread: To the people of US!

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    To the people of US!

    I'm planning on travelling to US. Initially I had New York in my mind. But now I don't mind.

    I was hoping to exchange home and cars, so I can save on some cash. I'm located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The offer open for July-September 2014. I prefer those in east or west coast, because flight ticket to NY or LA is much cheaper than the rest. I would consider Florida, but honestly, just tell me where you are, and I'll check my flight ticket if it's in my budget.

    I dont have much requirement, but as I'm offering my house which is accessible enough and a car that can be driven by para, i wish my exchange-er would have the same to offer. :) I would be travelling probably with a friend, total up to 2 people. My car is a 4 door sedan, decent to drive along the peninsular of Malaysia, Singapore, and a bit on Southern Thailand. I would service it before hand to make sure you guys wouldn't have any problem while driving. I have 2 houses, a terrace and an apartment. The apartment is fully accessible. The terrace has about 1 1/2 inch curb on entrance for the sliding door, but I get in just fine.

    I have 2 months leave, so we can discuss about the duration of exchange.

    No payment. Just honest mutual exchange.

    I'm not a scammer, and if agreed upon, we can verify each other. But I hope no scammers reply to my post. Please dont let me, a complete para left stranded after reaching the destination. That would be so cruel. :(


    p/s : I wouldn't mind Canada or Aurope or Aussie too. :)

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    People really do this?

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    They really do. The have web for home exchange, but it's a hassle to join. Done it once with someone from Spain 4 years ago. Now hoping to go to the continent of NA.

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    I wish we could do this in 2014 but it is already booked up. Are you able to post this ad at the American consulate near you? There are many who will take extra time with the International Hash House Harriers run. These are all English speaking countries who belong to a running group formed in Kuala Lampur in 1932. The US Embassy won't let you in but the consulate may have a bulletin board as well as the consulates of the UK, Canada, Australia and NZ.

    How accessible are points of interests near your home such as temples, museums, and shopping and restaurants?

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    Hi Sue!

    Shopping and restaurants, Malaysia have too many 24/7 restaurants, or others which closes at 2 am. Shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur, too many which varies from 20-40min ride by car.

    As for temple, the closest which is worth going is probably around 40min ride.not historical, but worth going for if you dont mind climbing thousands of flight of stairs :D . 4 UNESCO approved historical site from 140km to 300km radius from Kuala Lumpur. (About 90-180miles). I would service my car so it can run 10k km before service. My car have hand-control permanently installed too. :)

    The UNESCO site includes the fort of Malacca. It's not a site, it's a town with old buildings and ships and fortress. 2nd would be Penang. 3rd is the old temple in Lembah Bujang, which is the farthest. 4th is a place I dont know much about. Singapore is 180miles away. Southern Thailand at about 280miles. All connected by a highway. Personally, if you dont plan to go to Singapore, I would suggest Penang instead of Kuala Lumpur.

    You can always chose between to stay in Kuala Lumpur or Penang, because my friend who's going lives in Penang. So either house would be fine for swapping. :)

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    Sounds like your home is centrally located for a great vacation! We are just too booked up now for 2014 and most of 2015. It's great to have time to travel now that we're both retired.

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    I've been house swapping for years. I use the Guardian News paper site, it has always been the simplest and there are tons of locations and properties up for swap.

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