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Thread: Seborrheic Dermetitis

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    Seborrheic Dermetitis

    I have recurring issues with Dermatitis . It occasionally occurs on my head and forehead . I have been prescribed Betamethasone and it seems to work in a day or two . The main issue I have is when it occurs in my Peri Ano region . It creates a huge rash , left side only ... that does not respond to Betamethasone as well. The doctor insists that it is from the same cause.
    The rash occurs on the same side as the hand I use to evacuate my bowel with. Is It possible that I have an allergy to Latex gloves .... or is it just a case of lack of proper hygiene.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    It could be the dermatitis, but it is a good idea to avoid the use of latex gloves for bowel care, and latex catheters as well. Long term exposure to latex, esp. to mucous membranes or internally (such as with surgical gloves) significantly increases your risk of developing a latex sensitivity or allergy. People with SCI are in the top three groups of those who eventually develop latex allergy (along with people with spina bifida and cerebral palsy). Use vinyl or nitrile gloves instead and see if it does not help.


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