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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

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    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

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    Thank you, gjnl, and a hearty second from me!

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    Happy Thanksgiving from all the SCI Nurses!! Hope you are all able to be with your family, friends and other loved ones this year.


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    And a Happy Thanksgiving from the Pendleton household! I hope everyone is able to name several things/people they are thankful for this year. I'm happy to be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary today. I'm thankful I still have my Dad with us. I'm thankful for my real life friends and my cyber friends. And I am very thankful that I have a warm home, plenty of food and my freedom because of my sisters and brothers who came before me and after me. We will be raising a glass to all those who have or are protecting our country this day and always. Cheers!

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    wishing you all the best



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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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    Happy Anniversary, Sue.

    All the best,
    GJ & NL

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