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I'm very determined to lose about 50 pounds in a responsible manner. I'm working with folks at my out patient PT clinic, so I think I'm getting pretty good advice. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a goo protein powder that I can mix into smoothies, etc.

I have been using Muscle Milk for years now. It's lactose free, which I need. It's got a lot of protein and doesn't give me any stomach upset. Lot's of tasty flavors too. I don't agree that protein powders are mostly the same, Muscle Milk has been working very well for me. I always wait until it's on sale. Every few months it's nearly half price and I get five or six tubs. They usually have at least of year of shelf life so I've never wasted any. Good luck. I started exercising and changed my diet a few years ago and I dropped a few pounds and 38 points in my overall cholesterol.