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Thread: Veteracyn/Puracyn

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    Use Veteracyn? The counterpart Puracyn is being sold on ebay for less than half retail. It's 4oz bottles. I bought 13 (4oz) for $42 shipping included.

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    This helps wounds heal right

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    I've healed a lot of cuts, rashes, gashes and various other things with this stuff. My sister used it on her sons diaper rash and it was gone the next day. We all use it on our animals as well. Great stuff!

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    Thanks for the information.

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    glad to help. I have been using vetericyn and miracle mist plus on a sore that just will not go away. I believe miracle mist works to fast and wound heals the outside so fast leaving center less solid. almost like a mini tunnel about .1-.2 mm deep but covered with skin. doing wet to dry now with puracyn. it's slower and looks like the bottom is coming up and outside following. also use puracyn on jock itch(more info than you wanted to know) and other rashes. have the stuff to do a bladder flush and will get home healthcare nurse to do it soon. hope all you guys/girls do well. donnie.

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