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Thread: my wheelchair back is ruining my quality of life

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    my wheelchair back is ruining my quality of life

    I have a manaul chair and the right side back support bar is killing me. I am T-6 and right around my level of injury my nerves are messed up so the metal bar digging in to my back leaves me hunched over at times it hurts so bad. Have tried lots of stuff over the years some worked some has not. I have a new Quickie chair and we tried na add on back support that was a big mistake made it worse. Those might work for some someone else but i move around a lot in my chair and that back rest kept me in 1 position and I could feel an old pressure sore coming back.

    So I am looking for a piece of soft foam or something to attached to right side of back to prevent the metal to skin contact. Last night I woke up with the idea of an outdoor foam mattress made to put beneath a sleeping bag. Anyone have any other ideas or expereince with this situation?

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    Can you post a picture of you in the chair? For the time being I'd cut up a yoga mat or something similar, possible an outdoor knee pad like you'd find at Lowe's as a quick and cheap initial solution.

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    I had similar problems and my resultant positioning almost killed me literally. Took me a couple of years to finally figure out that the suffocating abdominal spasms I was having was being caused by my backrest. I tried 2 or 3 different ones on my Ti-lite before settling on a Roho Agility. Although better I still was somewhat uncomfortable. I laid a piece of sheepskin over it and that did the trick.


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    I move around a lot in my chair and have a solid back rest!

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