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Thread: Flushing bladder through a catheter

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    Flushing bladder through a catheter

    I had a clogged foley catheter and ended up in the er with ad.. I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

    What's the best way to flush the bladder through a foley or suprapubic catheter?

    I see people mention sterile water. do you buy sterile water for irrigation? do you worry about sanitizing a syringe? place the end in boiling water first?

    add vinegar? should this be done on a regular basis?

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    Nay on vinegar ... it promotes pseudomonas growth.

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    Hi lynnifer what do you recommend? I've had two urologist recommending using a vinegar sterile water solution. Currently I'm using a 2% vinegar sterile water solution. My Foley catheter plugs frequently. Looking forward to your comments, Bob

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    My urologist also recommends adding a little vinegar to the irrigation solution. It's never stopped the formation of sediment or mucus. I've had lots of blockages since the year began (before that, I went four years with clear urine, foley changes every six weeks, doing nothing special.) Often, my caregivers have been able to clear it by doing a lot of alternately sucking with the syringe, then attempting to instill some fluid, until the blockage is loosened and removed, while I had Nitropase or some other blood pressure reducing med on me - if that doesn't work , it gets changed.

    Right now, my urine is clear and sediment free, because I had to take Cipro for a recent UTI. The urologist tried me on Bactrim once a day to prevent new sediment formation, but, after 30+ years of being able to take Bactrim, I've become allergic to it, so they want to try Macrobid.

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    sterile water or diluted acetic acid is recommended to flush a catheter if you have excessive sediment regularly or if the catheter becomes clogged. I actually recommend if recurrent UTIs and excessive sediment to change the catheter every 2 weeks and on the alternate week to flush the catheter as a rule.

    other members on this website recommend a vetericyn solution to flush the bladder as a way to prevent UTIs, that is different than what I recommended above.


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