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Thread: The Ideal Shower Chair - Here's What Makes The Best Shower Wheelchair

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    The Ideal Shower Chair - Here's What Makes The Best Shower Wheelchair

    What features constitute the ideal shower chair for people who prefer to move themselves while in the chair?

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    A couple of features we look for:
    • Comes with an hourglass seat option (to allow you to more easily reach underneath to do bowel care)
    • Has an option for a well padded seat.
    • Has removable arm rests and legs rests.
    • Durable materials (ie, stainless steel is more durable than aluminum, in general for tubing, bolts, and fixtures).
    • Brakes that work (ideally on both casters and wheels) on wet surfaces.
    • Fits over the toilet for use for bowel care prior to bathing.


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    It's a minor detail, but even the bearings should be rust-proof. I have a nice chair but some of the wheel bearings rusted out after about a year. Next time I need to replace, I'll have a friend with a machine shop make some solid plastic (acetal or UHMW) replacements. My chair only rolls about 10 feet in and out of the shower. I really don't need ball bearings.

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    I have a toilet chair with small, maybe 5 inch wheels that doubles as a shower chair. I found that the bathroom is a small room and that if I position drawer handles that can be hooked at several places in the room and take a piece of plastic pipe and fit a metal hook on the end that I can just reach out, hook a handle and pull myself anywhere in the bathroom. It is a bad solution for a larger space but bathrooms are small and there is no good reason for my shower/toilet chair to ever leave the bathroom. Getting rid of the large wheels you can puch makes the chair smaller and more manauverable and I find I really don't need them.

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